Riak Recap for July 31 - August 2

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Aug 3 14:15:34 EDT 2012

Morning, Afternoon, Evening to All -

Short Friday Recap: videos, blog posts, production users, and more.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


Riak Recap for July 31 - August 2

1) We announced a few more RICON talks:

* Keep CALM and Query On --->
* Rebuilding a Bird in Flight --->
* Building a Transaction Logs-based Protocol on Riak --->
* Data Structures in Riak --->

More speakers on the way...

2) The team a Boundary posted some details on a recent Riak-related
issue they had with their service. (Also h/t to Boundary for setting a
great precedent around outage transparency.)

* Read here --->

3) Charles Gildawie posted a blog about his first impressions of Riak.

* Read here --->  http://nosqlsolution.blogspot.com/2012/07/fun-with-riak.html

4) Basho posted some details on ideeli's Riak usage.

* Case study here ---> http://basho.com/assets/Basho-Case-Study-ideeli.pdf

5) Basho hacker Randy Secrist will giving a talk on Riak and PHP at
the Utah PHP User Group on August 16th.

* Details here --->

6) InfoQ posted a video of Basho CTO Justin Sheehy and someone named
Rich Hickey arguing about databases.

* See who wins here --->

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