Best practice for buckets and timestamps

David Montgomery davidmontgomery at
Tue Aug 7 11:57:46 EDT 2012


I have yet to do MR for querying data but I am assuming I can query
across several buckets.  This leads me to the question, can I have a
formated date as part of a bucket and when it comes time to to MR then
something like this


For keys, I am using uuid

Now, just MR on e.g. just mybucket:2012_11_11 and mybucket:2012_11_12?

I ask this for the following, I will log a ton of data, while at the
same time limiting search space, and also having the ability to drop
or archive data by bucket.  I also want to limit my spend on storage.
If this is silly, what are best practice for dealing with time stamped


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