Riak Header Names Convention

Dan Reverri dan at basho.com
Tue Aug 7 12:01:35 EDT 2012

Hi Vlad,

Header names are case insensitive so both forms are correct. For example:

$ curl -XPUT -H 'content-type: text/plain'
-H 'x-riak-meta-foo: bar' -H 'X-Riak-Meta-Baz: qux' -H 'X-RiAk-MeTa-HeLlO:
world' -d 'text'

$ curl -i
HTTP/1.1 200 OK
X-Riak-Vclock: a85hYGBgzGDKBVIcypz/fvrfdE/OYEpkzGNlYNw+9SRfFgA=
X-Riak-Meta-Hello: world
X-Riak-Meta-Foo: bar
X-Riak-Meta-Baz: qux
Vary: Accept-Encoding
Server: MochiWeb/1.1 WebMachine/1.9.0 (someone had painted it blue)
Link: </riak/b>; rel="up"
Last-Modified: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:57:53 GMT
ETag: "653Lp7jE6e5fa4L0ZB8cwp"
Date: Tue, 07 Aug 2012 15:58:08 GMT
Content-Type: text/plain
Content-Length: 4


Daniel Reverri
Client Architect
Basho Technologies, Inc.
dan at basho.com

On Tue, Aug 7, 2012 at 4:52 AM, Vlad Gorodetsky <v at gor.io> wrote:

> Hi folks,
> I was looking through Riak sources recently and came up with a naming
> question.
> As far as I can see, all headers are named in a regular way:
>     X-Riak-Vclock
>     X-Riak-ClientId
> On the other hand, prefixes are lowercase
>     x-riak-meta-
>     x-riak-index-
> Is that the correct reason for such difference? Out of curiosity, what
> is the background of this decision?
> Thanks,
> Vlad
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