Any interest in Seattle office hours or meetup?

Parnell Springmeyer ixmatus at
Wed Aug 8 13:23:33 EDT 2012

Sorry for the double email, hit the send key combo accidentally.

If there are, I can get the Capital Factory guys to host a meet up/get together (I'm a tenant in their gorgeous office space).

On Aug 7, 2012, at 2:22 PM, Joseph Blomstedt wrote:

> As many of you already know, Basho is largely a distributed company
> with the majority of many teams working remotely from their homes,
> coffee shops, and co-working spaces across the country.  There's no
> reason you need to live near one of our offices in order to interact
> with Basho engineers and developer advocates -- we're everywhere.
> With that said, I'd like to set something up in Seattle to engage with
> local Riak users and enthusiasts.
> Some thoughts:
> -- Weekly office hours at a coffee shop or co-working location.
> -- Monthly or bi-monthly Riak meetup.
> -- Monthly or bi-monthly Riak drinkup.
> Is there anyone in the Seattle area who finds any of these ideas
> interesting? Have a preference? Have other suggestions?
> In short, I'm soliciting any and all feedback. Is anyone in the
> Seattle area interested in having weekly/monthly access to come in and
> pester me (senior engineer at Basho) about anything and everything?
> -Joe
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