Riak Search pre-commit hook

Mark Volkmann r.mark.volkmann at gmail.com
Wed Aug 8 14:56:06 EDT 2012

I'm trying to learn how to configure Riak Search to automatically index
documents added to a given bucket. I have four nodes in my cluster. Here is
what I tried:

* modified etc/app.config for each node to set {enabled, true} in the
riak_search section
* stopped and restarted the cluster
* cd'ed to the bin directory of the first node in the cluster and entered
"./search-cmd install users"
* entered "curl http://localhost:8091/riak/users" to verify that the
pre-commit hook was added
I see this in the middle of the output:
"precommit": [
        "mod": "riak_search_kv_hook",
        "fun": "precommit"
* added a document to the users bucket with this command:
curl -XPUT http://localhost:8091/buckets/users/keys/1234 -H 'Content-type:
application/json' -d '{name: "Joe", address: {street: "123 Some Street",
zip: 12345}}'

The output is below. Notice the "hook_crashed" part.

<html><head><title>500 Internal Server
Error</title></head><body><h1>Internal Server Error</h1>The server
encountered an error while processing this request:<br><pre>{error,

web server</ADDRESS></body></html>

What am I doing wrong?

R. Mark Volkmann
Object Computing, Inc.
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