multi_backend, multiple storage devices, LevelDB and its cache_size

David Sky contact at
Fri Aug 10 06:13:36 EDT 2012


My setup is a 128 partitions running on 4 identical, commodity
servers, each with 30GB of RAM and 4 HDD allocated for Riak.

According to this page to calculate
"cache_size" for my setup, I should do: ((26GB / 2) * (1024 ^ 3)) /
(128 / 4) = 416MB

I guess that this value is calculated for a single backend... What
should I do if I have 4 eLevelDB backends (one per HDD)? -- set
"cache_size" to 416MB / 4? or should I try and predict my busiest
backends and give those more RAM? or is there a way to tell LevelDB
how much RAM it can use in total, and from there LevelDB would
automatically allocate RAM where it is needed the most?



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