eLevelDB max_open_files in 1.2.0

Dave Brady dbrady at weborama.com
Sun Aug 12 15:58:23 EDT 2012


First I want to thanks Basho for greatly expanding the documentation on the Wiki for configuring/tuning Riak and eLevelDB in 1.2.0!  Big improvement over 1.1.x.

My question is about max_open_files: here the documentation is confusing to me.

It says to allocate one open file per 2 MB, then divide by the number of partitions.  This is the same formula used in 1.1.x.

It goes on to say that if you manually set this parameter in 1.1.x, to divide that value by two for 1.2.0.

Should not the formula for 1.2.0, in that case, read as use one file per 4 MB?


Dave Brady

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