[ANN] Riak Workshop this week in NYC

Thomas Santero tsantero at basho.com
Mon Aug 13 18:29:11 EDT 2012

Hey All,

Just a quick announcement that this Wednesday, August 15th, we'll be
hosting an All-Day Riak Workshop[0] at General Assembly.

This workshop is intended to provide a technical introduction to riak, and
is suited for both developers and operations staff alike. While I recognize
most of riak-users does might not benefit from such training, I figured I'd
throw it out there for anyone in the NYC area who might be interested (or
perhaps interested in getting other members of their team up to speed on

If you're interested in attending and are currently running Riak in
production, shoot me an email and I'll hook you up with a discount code.


[0] http://www.eventbrite.com/event/3986385386/basho

@tsantero <https://twitter.com/#!/tsantero>
Technical Evangelist
Basho Technologies
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