How to store a list in riak?

Kresten Krab Thorup krab at
Thu Aug 16 09:01:27 EDT 2012

The most interesting piece of information is really how you expect to access the data.  That should be the starting point for designing the data layout.

Also, ... What are the kinds of lookups typically needed?  How many different "messages/" buckets do you expect? Order of magnitude numbers .... What kind of read/write performance do you expect?  How big are the messages?  Is the message/_meta object likely to be contended for writes?


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I want to store a list and append item to it later. Is it suitable to do this in riak?
My scheme is like this:

  message: bucket of all messages;
  message/_meta:  an object to store the first index and last index of list;
  message/n: key of message, such as message/1, message/2, ...

I have never used key-value DB, and had no idea how to model.
Any suggestion would be appreciated!

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