Looking for a replacement datastore

Shawn Parrish sparrish at nodeping.com
Thu Aug 16 18:20:50 EDT 2012

Howdy Riak folk,

We're looking for a possible datastore replacement for our server
monitoring check results.  Maybe some of you can offer feedback if
Riak is a possible good solution.

Each ping, http request, etc has a result with various metadata that
we store.  We're looking at about 250 million results a month and that
number continues to grow.

We query this data for:
1. last result (is the server up or down?)
2. if it's up, when was the last 'down' and inversely when it's down,
when was the last up?
3. Full detail of the last 5 results (to show recent results)
4. Last 24 hours results (usually ~1440 results) to graph
5. Results in a date range (example: all results from July 1 through
July 31)... this can be very large.

We currently use bigcouch (Couchdb) but the views and built in
_all_docs slow down with so many results and especially when we call
them with 'include_docs', cause we need the details of the results as

We're trying to trim down the total results stored by summarizing
older data and deleting it but that slows down Couchdb views even

1. Is Riak a possible datastore for this use case?  Can I get so many
results, including all the details quickly enough?
2. Do you know of another datastore that might be better?


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