rik loading taking huge time?any suggestion for betterment

Sangeetha.PattabiRaman2 at cognizant.com Sangeetha.PattabiRaman2 at cognizant.com
Mon Aug 27 23:26:49 EDT 2012

Dear team,

I am trying to load 25 million dataset (1.3 Gb)  of sample call data  onto riak..its a 4-quad core ---1.5 TB storage 2-node raik cluster...takes  real    5671m12.812s.please suggest the solutions for the betterment of the same...5671m12.812s is quite huge...we deal with bigdata and I need to store and test 165 GB on the riak..if so I may take years for loading I guess with the present scenario...loaded 165 GB on to mongodb and got the results..for comparative performance study of mongodb  and riak db  ...please do assist me with the  same .

using the following code for loading :

main([Filename]) ->
    {ok, Data} = file:read_file(Filename),
    Lines = tl(re:split(Data, "\r?\n", [{return, binary},trim])),
    lists:foreach(fun(L) -> LS = re:split(L, ","), format_and_insert(LS) end, Lines).

format_and_insert(Line) ->
    JSON = io_lib:format("{\"id\":\"~s\",\"phonenumber\":~s,\"callednumber\":~s,\"starttime\":~s,\"endtime\":~s,\"status\":~s}", Line),
    Command = io_lib:format("curl -X PUT -d '~s' -H 'content-type: application/json'", [hd(Line),JSON]),
    io:format("Inserting: ~s~n", [hd(Line)]),

[hadoop at CTSINGMRGTO data]$ time ./load_data25m CustCalls25m.csv >> 25m.txt &
[3] 32354

[hadoop at CTSINGMRGTO data]$
real    5671m12.812s
user    1725m31.862s
sys     3074m42.135s
[hadoop at CTSINGMRGTO data]$

[hadoop at CTSINGMRGTO data]$ tail -4 25m.txt
Inserting: 24999997
Inserting: 24999998
Inserting: 24999999
Inserting: 25000000
[hadoop at CTSINGMRGTO data]$

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