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Tue Aug 28 01:56:27 EDT 2012

Hi mox,

Welcome back. :)

On Thu, Aug 16, 2012 at 11:05 AM, Mike Oxford <moxford at> wrote:
> Used to be we had to write "resolvers" due to write-heavy collisions on the
> same kv, to handle the children.
> Does Riak have any built-in resolvers (yet?) or is everyone still using
> statebox or something else?

As it stands right now, no. Still plain old boring Riak. If you want
custom resolution logic you'll still be doing that client-side with
something like Statebox or Knockbox.

> What's the current state of Riak in this regard, and is there anything in
> progress along this route?  IMHO, it is the single biggest 'barrier to
> entry' to new deployments (including some initiatives in-house) because it's
> really annoying to write resolvers.  :)

As I said there's nothing in Riak now that solves this (though, to be
fair, it wasn't designed to act in this way). That said, all is not
lost. Sean Cribbs and Russell Brown are giving a talk called "Data
Structures in Riak" [0] at RICON in October. Joseph Blomstedt is also
giving a talk about some of the approaches that he and others on the
Basho team have discussed and may take to add consistency semantics on
top of Riak. (These talk details will be live tomorrow.) Now, there is
still a chance that, come October, nothing has changed and you'll
still be writing your own resolution logic and cursing Riak. But there
might be some conflict-free replicated light at the end of the

Perhaps you'll join us [1] at RICON to find out? :)



> TIA!
> -mox
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