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Tue Aug 28 13:46:34 EDT 2012

On Mon, Aug 27, 2012 at 10:56 PM, Mark Phillips <mark at> wrote:

> Hi mox,
> Welcome back. :)
Thanks, good to be back.  Been an odd run lately.

> As it stands right now, no. Still plain old boring Riak. If you want
> custom resolution logic you'll still be doing that client-side with
> something like Statebox or Knockbox.

Gotcha, thanks.

> As I said there's nothing in Riak now that solves this (though, to be
> fair, it wasn't designed to act in this way). That said, all is not
> lost. Sean Cribbs and Russell Brown are giving a talk called "Data
> Structures in Riak" [0] at RICON in October. Joseph Blomstedt is also
> giving a talk about some of the approaches that he and others on the
> Basho team have discussed and may take to add consistency semantics on
> top of Riak. (These talk details will be live tomorrow.) Now, there is
> still a chance that, come October, nothing has changed and you'll
> still be writing your own resolution logic and cursing Riak. But there
> might be some conflict-free replicated light at the end of the
> tunnel...
> Perhaps you'll join us [1] at RICON to find out? :)
I'm hoping, though not 100% sure at this time.  I was more curious along
the lines of something like Statebox being merged into Riak directly.  You
could at least write the resolver "into Riak" and instead of spawning
siblings it could simply do the resolution right there, or keep track of
which KVs have siblings and slow resolve them (or even do lazy-style on
next retrieve.)   Right now, if you have an Erlang client and a POST client
you'll end up needing to write two identical resolvers.
Then some "default" resolvers could be written, such as "append only."  No
client work would need to be done at all, it would greatly extend the
functionality, lower barriers to adoption into write-heavy environments,

Just a thought.   There are times for full custom-resolvers so you
obviously cannot cover everything, but having the resolution done in Riak
instead of spread out to the edges at the client-side might be of value.

Fingers crossed for RICON...

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