Riak behind a Load Balancer

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> Hi,
> We use HA proxy on a 4 nodes cluster for a J2EE application, before 
> using HA proxy we delegated on the Java Riak cluster client config to 
> handle the 4 nodes, but too many errors were generated, once we switched 
> to HA proxy and a single Java Riak client config, the errors were 
> reduced dramatically.
> I don't know how accurate an article can be, but my experience comes 
> from transferring 10+ millions records from PostgreSQL to Riak several 
> times, running processes for 48 to 72 hours continuously, so IMHO, HA 
> proxy + new client client (The one that comes with Protobuf 2.4.1+, not 
> the old 2.3.0) is the way to go. To add more, we have autossh tunnels on 
> the Java application server connected to each Riak node and behind it, 
> HA proxy.
> With the new protobuf I have the transferring running for the last 48 
> hours and not a single error.
> Regards,
> Guido.
We have been running Riak behind HAProxy since day one, using the
Protocol Buffers interface. Hasn't ever been a problem, and makes cluster
changes transparent to the application.

Best Regards,

Armon Dadgar

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