Pending transfers when joining 1.0.3 node to 1.0.0 cluster

Fredrik Lindström Fredrik.Lindstrom at
Fri Feb 3 06:21:29 EST 2012

For future reference here is how we backed out of a search enabled 1.0.0 cluster and moved to 1.0.3

Step 1
Disable search on each of the 1.0.0 and restart them
Note that disabling search and still having the search pre-commit hook active in a bucket will result in write failures.

Step 2:
Execute riak-admin leave on a 1.0.0 node
Witness wonderous partition transfers

Step 3:
Execute riak-admin join on a fresh 1.0.3 node.
Do make sure your app.config and vm.args files are the way they should be
Witness wonderous partition transfers

Step 4:
Repeat until you run out of 1.0.0 nodes

Step 5:
If you left the search pre-commit hooks intact in step one I highly recommend that you do not forget to re-enable search on your shiny new 1.0.3 nodes.
I did. I also noticed that you can not remove search pre-commit hooks if you have disabled search, something I found a bit strange.

Thanks again for the help!


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