Riak for Messaging Project Question

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At least now I know I've got a ways to go before I need to worry about 100 nodes. With some of the hardware suggestions I've received, it'll probably be a long while before I get to that.
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On Wed, Feb 22, 2012 at 7:57 PM, Aphyr <aphyr at aphyr.com> wrote:
> Riak clusters have a functional upper limit of around a hundred nodes;
> inter-node traffic dominates at that level. That said, at that scale it's
> gonna be WAY cheaper to run your own HW. If I were speccing a cluster for
> 16tb of data/year:

As of 1.1, we have validated that at _least_ 100 nodes will work as
expected and haven't seen any signs of distributed Erlang being a
problem at that scale. We have plans to push that (validated) number
up quite a bit this year and quantify the point at which distributed
Erlang will become a problem.

I also happen to know there is at least one person running Riak that
is adding data at a rate in excess of 0.5TB...per day. 16 TB/year is
pretty straightforward in my mind. :)


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