LevelDB datastore configuration

Andy Gross andy at basho.com
Thu Jan 5 22:17:58 EST 2012

Hi Karthik,

You can download Riak 1.0.2 for your platform from here: http://downloads.basho.com/riak/riak-1.0.2/

You can find information about configuring LevelDB here: http://wiki.basho.com/LevelDB.html

Hope this helps!

- Andy

Andy Gross <andy at basho.com>
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On Jan 5, 2012, at 7:14 PM, Karthik K wrote:

> Hi Riak Team -
>    To begin with, thanks for the wonderful tool and putting it out there. 
>    As part of doing benchmarking for some storage engines, came across the leveldb store being the backend for Riak discussed here - http://basho.com/blog/technical/2011/07/01/Leveling-the-Field/  . This is certainly promising. I was wondering if there is a specific doc/wiki that details how to get the version of Riak ( 1.0.2 , as per the Downloads page )  and leveldb binary installation to work together and install LevelDB as the storage backend for Riak. 
>    Any pointers to doc / appropriate config changes would be useful. Thanks ! 
> --
>   Karthik. 
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