SSDs instead of SAS.

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If you are doing anything that will read from disk, SSDs will improve your
performance. If you are doing any reads from disk that are non-sequential,
SSDs will really increase your performance.

However, make sure you do the reading on the SSDs you're going to purchase
because not all SSDs are created equal. I had a client buy some smaller
OCZ-Vertex 3s recently which have a wear leveling issue (the 120GB drives
have fewer chips than the 240GB drives) that causes performance to fall
apart pretty quickly.

Jeremiah Peschka
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On Mon, Jan 9, 2012 at 3:05 PM, David McNicholl
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> Hello All.
>        We currently have a large number of DL 380 HPs with 8 SAS disks in
> a raid 10 for our Riak cluster. One of the ways in which we were
> considering increasing performance is to move the Riak files off to SSD.
> Has anyone on the list moved to SSDs? Have you any statistics on
> performance gains?
>        I've had a look through the mailing list archives and can see no
> mention of it. Which brings me to another point, are the archives
> searchable anywhere? I had to go through month my month topic listings.
> Regards,
> Dave.
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