SSDs instead of SAS.

Paul Armstrong riak at
Mon Jan 9 18:21:43 EST 2012

At 2012-01-09T15:12-0800, Jeremiah Peschka wrote:
>    However, make sure you do the reading on the SSDs you're going to
>    purchase because not all SSDs are created equal. I had a client buy
>    some smaller OCZ-Vertex 3s recently which have a wear leveling issue
>    (the 120GB drives have fewer chips than the 240GB drives) that causes
>    performance to fall apart pretty quickly.

In general, for production you want to use SLC or eMLC drives (which are
quite a bit more expensive than MLC but also have fewer degredation

Another way you can improve your life significantly I/O wise is to use
an OS with ZFS (such as SmartOS, IllumOS or Solaris) as these can be
configured to use the SSDs as a large cache for reads and write backs to
slower I/O such as SAS or SATA.


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