Riak Recap for January 6 - 10

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For today's Recap: Blog posts, t shirts, and more.



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Riak Recap for January 6 - 10

1) Q - How can I check which version of Riak I'm running?

    A  - http://serverfault.com/questions/348530/how-can-i-check-which-version-of-riak-i-am-running

2) Steve Vinoski wrote a piece for the Jan/Feb issue of Internet
Computing about Wriaki and Webmachine.

* Details here --->

3) This was on the Mailing List already this month but I wanted to put
it in the Recap as it's an incredibly valuable resource -> Jeffrey
Eliason wrote a *very* extensive piece all about setting up and
running a Riak cluster. Take the time to read this if possible and
shoot Jeff some feedback on it if you have the chance as I know he was
looking for it. Thanks, Jeff!

* Guide here ---> http://jeff.jke.net/2011/10/02/setting-nosql-cluster

4) Voxer was written up in TechCrunch yesterday, and Riak got a nice mention.

* Read here ---> http://techcrunch.com/2012/01/10/popular-like-voxer/

5) I made it known on Twitter yesterday that I would send a Riak
t-shirt to anyone who got Riak Control, the new Riak Admin UI
(officially supported in the 1.1 release and built primarily by Jeff
Massung and Johh Newman), up-and-running and sent me a screen shot.
Here's what it looks like for anyone interested:

* https://twitter.com/#!/jwthomp/status/156797254601162752s
* https://twitter.com/#!/ctshryock/status/156806365074034688
* http://oi42.tinypic.com/70clkw.jpg
* https://twitter.com/#!/martyns/status/156847953837957120
* http://lockerz.com/s/173374960
* https://twitter.com/#!/berndahlers/status/156858979274854401
* https://twitter.com/#!/sbrandauer/status/156888614532427777/photo/1
* https://twitter.com/#!/dne/status/156882612072366080
* https://twitter.com/#!/mrtazz/status/156943594983399426
* https://img.skitch.com/20120110-ttpr91ph258pd8chb8urewgm2i.jpg

** The offer still stands. I'm going to leave the window open until
tomorrow at 9AM Pacific. Details here --->

# Bugs

1) New

1317: Ownership handoff may stall and never complete -
1318: PR/PW can be violated during netsplit conditions -
1319: Reduce/eliminate errror log messages when node is shut down -
1320: Provide a way to configure location of Riak temp folder -

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