Pending transfers when joining 1.0.3 node to 1.0.0 cluster

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Wed Jan 18 17:08:21 EST 2012

Thanks for the response Aphyr.

I'm seeing Waiting on: [riak_search_vnode,riak_kv_vnode,riak_pipe_vnode] instead of [] so I'm thinking it's a different scenario.
It might be worth mentioning that the data directory on the new node does contain relevant subdirectories but the disk footprint is so small I doubt any data has been transferred.

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If partition transfer is blocked awaiting [] (as opposed to [kv_vnode] or whatever), There's a snippet in there that might be helpful.


On Jan 18, 2012, at 1:43 PM, Fredrik Lindström wrote:

After some digging I found a suggestion from Joseph Blomstedt in an earlier mail thread

in the riak console:

The symptoms would appear to be the same although the cluster referenced in the mail thread does not appear to have search enabled,
as far as I can tell from the log snippets. The mail thread doesn't really specify which node to run the commands on so I tried both the new node and the current claimant of the cluster.

Sadly the suggested steps did not produce any kind of ownership handoff.

Any helpful ideas would be much appreciated :)


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Subject: Pending transfers when joining 1.0.3 node to 1.0.0 cluster

Hi everyone,
when we try to join a 1.0.3 node to an existing 1.0.0 (3 node) cluster the ownership transfer doesn't appear to take place. I'm guessing that we're making some stupid little mistake but we can't figure it out at the moment. Anyone run into something similar?

Riak Search is enabled on the original nodes in the cluster as well as the new node.
Ring size is set to 128

The various logfiles do not appear to contain any errors or warnings

Output from riak-admin member_status
================================= Membership ==================================
Status     Ring    Pending    Node
valid      33.6%     25.0%    'qbkpx01 at<mailto:'qbkpx01 at>'
valid      33.6%     25.0%    'qbkpx02 at<mailto:'qbkpx02 at>'
valid      32.8%     25.0%    'qbkpx03 at<mailto:'qbkpx03 at>'
valid       0.0%     25.0%    'test at<mailto:'test at>'

Output from riak-admin ring_status
See attached file

Output from riak-admin transfers
'test at<mailto:'test at>' waiting to handoff 10 partitions
'qbkpx03 at<mailto:'qbkpx03 at>' waiting to handoff 62 partitions
'qbkpx01 at<mailto:'qbkpx01 at>' waiting to handoff 63 partitions


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