HTTP-based client for Riak database, written in Dart

Istvan Soos istvan.soos at
Mon Jun 4 00:55:05 EDT 2012


I'm working on a Dart-based project that uses Riak database as a
backend, and I'm releasing the related riak-dart client codes:

The project covers the basic use-cases of Riak:
 * fetch object
 * store object
   * with easy conditional updates
   * secondary index support + helpers
 * delete object (with easy conditional delete)
 * query secondary index

Contributions are welcome, especially in the following areas:
 * testing, logging, documentation, examples
 * query secondary index with large result set (streaming processing)
 * conditional fetch object (etag, not-modified-since support)
 * Riak Protobuf API support
 * Riak Map-Reduce API support


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