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Sat Jun 9 02:38:05 EDT 2012


I don't have a FC 17 VM handy, so I can't test it, but have you tried the FC 15 package from   The only problem I could see you having is a wrong dependency on openssl, but you should be able to install the matching one along side the one that installs with FC 17.

The proper erlang is bundled in the Riak packages, so you won't need Erlang installed otherwise.  Let me know either way if it works.


On Jun 8, 2012, at 9:08 PM, Trevor Hunsaker wrote:

> I'm having troubles getting riak installed on Fedora 17.  First, I tried with the packaged Erlang (R15B01). make rel complained about my Erlang version.  It didn't work to changing the version regex everywhere I could find, though it's possible I missed some. Then, I built R14B03, and I get an "Uncaught error in rebar_core" error during make rel:
> [trevor at fox riak-1.1.2]$ make rel> 
> fatal: Not a git repository (or any parent up to mount point /home)
> Stopping at filesystem boundary (GIT_DISCOVERY_ACROSS_FILESYSTEM not set).
> ./rebar get-deps
> ==> cluster_info (get-deps)
> Uncaught error in rebar_core: {'EXIT',
>                                {function_clause,
>                                 [{lists,thing_to_list,
>                                   [{error,bad_name}],
>                                   [{file,"lists.erl"},{line,537}]},
>                                  {lists,flatmap,2,
>                                   [{file,"lists.erl"},{line,1184}]},
>                                  {lists,flatmap,2,
>                                   [{file,"lists.erl"},{line,1184}]},
>                                  {rebar_port_compiler,default_env,0,[]},
>                                  {rebar_port_compiler,setup_env,1,[]},
>                                  {rebar_core,'-setup_envs/2-lc$^0/1-0-',2,[]},
>                                  {rebar_core,'-setup_envs/2-lc$^0/1-0-',2,[]},
>                                  {rebar_core,setup_envs,2,[]}]}}
> make: *** [deps] Error 1
> I'm not sure what to try next and could use any suggestion.
> Trevor 
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