Riak 1.1.2 timeouts on list_keys

ror at radardisc.co.nz ror at radardisc.co.nz
Mon Jun 11 12:46:38 EDT 2012


Decided to bite the bullet and upgrade to 1.1.2 (Eric Mortiz's  
previous answer turned of javascript, but the application was still  

So i start a node called "web_common_test" (JS turned off, otherwise a  
basic setup).

Output from application:info().

{riakc,"Riak Client","1.2.1"},
{riak_kv,"Riak Key/Value Store","1.1.2"},

I start up a node called foo with the same cookie

output from foo

(foo at euler)2> C = criak:connect_object(web_common_test_riak at euler).
{pcriak,{riak_client,web_common_test_riak at euler,
(foo at euler)3> C:new_object(<<"a">>,<<"b">>, [stuff] ).
(foo at euler)4> C:list_keys().
** exception error: undefined function pcriak:list_keys/1
(foo at euler)5> C:list_buckets().
(foo at euler)6> C:list_keys(<<"a">>).
(foo at euler)7> C:get_object(<<"a">>,<<"b">>).

Line 2 creates a parameterized object I use to speak to the riak_node
3 -> create and object
5 -> see the bucket exists
6 -> Hangs for ages, then timeouts
7 -> gets the object!

For example (Client is a parameterized module argument)
pcriak:list_keys(Bucket) ->

Any ideas why this is happening? I use this function for iterating  
over buckets



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