devrel remote ip help

Marv Lush marv_lush at
Tue Jun 12 15:09:15 EDT 2012

Tried setting up a riak 4 node dev cluster on an EC2 box today per the instructions.

Seems to work fine for any requests to However, when I try to remote in (from my desktop to the EC2 box)...I get no response.

I assume this is because I need to configure app.config and vm.args with something like:

{http, [ {"<remote.ip>", <some.port> } ]},

-name devN@<remote.ip>

respectively....instead of However, when I made modifications to the required using my EC2 box's elastic IP, and I try to just sits there and hangs...

Is there some secret sauce needed to get the dev environment working with remote IP's?



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