riak_core nodes on Heroku?

Jon Brisbin jon at jbrisbin.com
Wed Jun 13 16:01:22 EDT 2012

So long as the dynos can communicate with one another and cooperate via node communication, the stateless nature of the application doesn't really matter. I don't need to persist anything once a dyno is shut down. 

The thing that makes me curious is whether the things riak_core (not riak_kv) depends on (handoff particularly) could be shoehorned into this environment using the stock tools. I suspect not but wanted to scratch an intellectual itch. :)


Jon Brisbin

On Jun 13, 2012, at 2:44 PM, Jonathan Baudanza wrote:

> Hi Jeff,
> Dynos on Heroku don't have access to any permanent disk storage.  They can read and write to /tmp, but that is not guaranteed to stick around.
> Dynos are also restricted to only accept HTTP connections.  This would rule out any ProtocolBuffer connections.
> Curious if anyone is able to use clustered nodes on Heroku using the Erlang buildpack [1]? Seems like it should at least be theoretically possible to launch new dynos that become part of your node cluster. How reliable/easy/hard is node communication on EC2?
> [1] - https://github.com/heroku/heroku-buildpack-erlang
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