Best way to "refresh" a riak server?

Joseph Guhlin joseph.guhlin at
Mon Jun 18 19:10:55 EDT 2012

What is the best way to refresh a Riak server? I'm using it in a
different way in that I do not need any persistence of the data and in
fact need the data cleared out each restart(but the data is too large
to hold in RAM).

Basically I am using riak(or a cluster of 4, depending on where I'm at
in the development stages) to store objects that are shared between 12
processes that are independent from each other and each given a chunk
to work on, in the end all the necessary data is exported to flat

I've found when I restart riak I end up getting errors when I try to
re-input the data. I've tried rm -rf'ing the data directory and it
definitely does not like that.  So far make clean; make rel  has been
the best solution for me.

I'm sure for my use case there is a better tool(or not, Riak works
great, gives me fast read/write support and let's me store the data in
encoded form to be passed to other processes for later mangling). Any

Sorry if this has been asked before, I tried searching and couldn't
come up with anything.


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