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Thanks Sean! For completeness the link to your talk about CRDTs from 

- Tilman

On 12-06-18 06:55 AM, Sean Cribbs wrote:
> Hi Tilman,
> We have worked on some prototypes of server-side CRDTs, but those
> prototypes have stalled. We intend to pick them up again soon. I assure you
> -- especially in light of our recent presentations about them -- that
> implementing CRDTs is high on our priority list for upcoming release
> cycles. When we have more to talk about, we'd be happy to discuss it with
> you.
> On Mon, Jun 18, 2012 at 1:15 AM, Tilman Holschuh
> <tilman.holschuh at>wrote:
>> Hi,
>> In Bob Ippolito's talk at InfoQ about Statebox Andy says in the end "not
>> to be surprised" to see something similar to Statebox in Riak (as higher
>> level API or something). I'm sure there are efforts to offer CRDTs as part
>> of Riak. I know there is also Eric Moritz's projects. I'm wondering what
>> the situation currently looks like, what to expect or not to. I'm
>> particularly interested in the Erlang side of things.
>> Cheers
>> - Tilman
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