Cannot Install Riak

Mark Phillips mark at
Thu Jun 21 12:05:14 EDT 2012

Hey Nick,

I just built Riak from master and didn't have any issues with it. Any other
details about your setup you can share?

Alternatively, you can try using one of the pre-built packages. [1]

If the troubles persists, hop into #riak on freenode if you can and we'll
get you some help in real time. (Even if you solve the problem you should
come by and say hello.)



On Thu, Jun 21, 2012 at 3:37 AM, Nick Tune <nick.tune at> wrote:

> After pulling down riak from get, I get the following error when running
> make rel:
> ./rebar compile generate
> ==> cluster_info (compile)
> ==> lager (compile)
> ==> poolboy (compile)
> ==> protobuffs (compile)
> make: *** [rel] Error 1
> I've had an awful experience getting riak setup. I've wasted two hours
> messing around and it still doesn't work. Please improve the experience for
> other users.
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