Riak Recap for June 7 - June 24

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Mon Jun 25 19:22:05 EDT 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

Yet another LONG overdue Recap. Talks, code, and more.

Also, if anyone is going to be at Velocity this week in Santa Clara, ping
me. I'll be there.



Riak Recap for June 7 - June 24

1) Ward Bekker wrote up some instructions on using the riak_mongo code that
Pavlo Baron started.

* Read here --->

2) There are three new posts on the Basho Blog related to the 1.2 release.

* Supporting Riak on *BSD --->
* When API Compatible Isn't --->
* Better Visibility Into Partition Transfers In Riak 1.2 --->

3) Sean Cribbs' Eventually Consistent Data Structures talk from Berlin
Buzzwords is now online.

* Watch here --->  https://vimeo.com/album/1968418/video/43903960

4) Adrian Hills wrote a blog post about using Riak and .NET for Dzone.

* Read here --->

5) Andrew Crute wrote an introductory Riak post for the Near Infinity blog.

* Read here --->

6) The Second London Riak Meetup is happening July 5th.

* Details here ---> http://www.meetup.com/riak-london/events/69174012/

7) The first Riak Meetup in Chicago is happening July 11th. The team from
Braintree is presenting at their offices on how they are using Riak and
Ruby in production.

* Details here ---> http://www.meetup.com/Chicago-Riak-Meetup/

8) Zachary Voase released rkQuery, a library for programmatically building
Riak search queries.

* Code here ---> https://github.com/zacharyvoase/rkquery

9) Basho's Ian Plosker is on the OSCON schedule with a talk called
"America's Next Top Data Model".

* Details here --->

10) There's some work being doing to get Riak working with SimpleSAMLphp.

* Details here --->

11) Some Q and A for various sources

* How do I model a twitter clone with Riak? --->
* Using a Riak Pre-Commit Hook to validate JSON --->
* How to run an Erlang MapReduce function on Riak? --->
* Store the output of a MapReduce job directly on the Riak cluster? --->
* Django and riak engine not found --->
* riak content_type no method error --->
* RIAK: Mapping JSON response to an Object --->

12) We added a few new production users.

* Klarna ---> http://basho.com/company/production-users/#user-klarna
* Brightbox ---> http://basho.com/company/production-users/#user-brightbox
* Gatso ---> http://basho.com/company/production-users/#user-gatso

13) There's a new Pearl library for Riak called Data-Riak

* Code here ---> http://search.cpan.org/~anelson/Data-Riak-0.1/
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