50-100 ops/sec on a 5 Node cluster

Yousuf Fauzan yousuffauzan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 26 06:57:59 EDT 2012


Here is my setup of Riak 1.1.4

   - 5 Nodes
   - ami-a29943cb (EC2 AMI)
   - m1.large (7.5GB Ram, 4 EC2 compute instances)
   - EBS storage
   - LevelDB backend
   - Python Client with Protobuf (on a separate machine)

While loading data I am getting around 50 ops/sec.

I tried running basho benchmark on the setup and it showed 100 ops/sec

After talking to people or Riak IRC, I realized that upwards of 1.5K
ops/sec is what I should be getting.

Could anyone help me in figuring out what I am doing wrong?


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