Throughput issue contd. On Joyend Riak Smartmachine

Yousuf Fauzan yousuffauzan at
Wed Jun 27 06:13:45 EDT 2012


I setup a 3 machine riak SM cluster. Each machine used 4GB Ram and riak
OpenSource SmartMachine Image.

Afterwards I tried loading data by following two methods
1. Bash script
echo $(date)
for (( c=1; c<=1000; c++ ))
curl -s -d 'this is a test' -H "Content-Type: text/plain"
echo $(date)

2. Python Riak Client
for i in xrange(10000), str(i)).store()

For case 1, throughput was 25 writes/sec
For case 2, throughput was 200 writes/sec

Maybe I am making a fundamental mistake somewhere. I tried the above two
scripts on EC2 clusters too and still got the same performance.

Please, someone help

Yousuf Fauzan
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