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Sat Jun 30 21:43:49 EDT 2012

I had a discussion with Tryn Mirell on Riak IRC. Here are a few things

1. LevelDB (till 1.1.x) suffers from compaction stalls
2. A benchmark to illustrate compaction stall (
3. Significant work being done in 1.2.x branch on (i) bloom filter support
for LevelDB (ii) handling LevelDB compactions
4. More detail on compaction stalls (
5. Artificially reducing write speeds will only delay the stall, not
prevent it.
6. Currently, you will initially see high throughput on LevelDB for a
single node, which will eventually drop to around 400 trans/sec.
7. Compaction does not happen on a per bucket basis as data is stored as
{bucket:key, value}. It occurs for the entire KV Store.

Last point above contradicted our initial assumption the compaction stall
is causing the performance degradation because if I pump data into a brand
new bucket then I get better write performance. However, the write speed
continues to be low on the older large bucket.

Yousuf Fauzan

On Sun, Jul 1, 2012 at 4:42 AM, Yousuf Fauzan <yousuffauzan at>wrote:

> Hello,
> Record size ~ 600 bytes, Indexed on 3 fields
> For a new bucket, I am getting around 1-1.5K writes/second. However, when
> the bucket size gets large (15 Million records in my case) then the write
> speed drops 5-6 times.
> Is this an expected behavior or am I doing something wrong?
> --
> Yousuf Fauzan
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