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This is a great question!

Hybrid SSDs like the Momentus XT line are great if you have a finite quantity of frequently accessed data - say you have a 500GB data set where 40GB is "hot" frequently accessed data and the other 460GB is cold, archival data. In this scenario, the Momentus XT is going to perform a lot like an SSD.

On the flip side, if your application is an application that either performs random reads throughout the entire data set OR your application is a write heavy application (e.g. append only log data) OR it's a mix of both, you won't see a lot of benefit from the Momentus XT line and you'd be better served spending your money getting faster drives.

If you need to use the whole drive, then you should spend the money on 15,000RPM drives. They'll perform far faster than the mix of SSD and 7200RPM drives that you find in the Momentus XT. If you don't need the whole drive, buy a smaller 15,000RPM drive.
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On Mar 1, 2012, at 9:59 AM, Lauren Clarke wrote:

> Could anyone give some advice on the advisability of using hybrid SSD drives (eg: Seagate Momentus 750) for node storage? I know nothing about the parameters that might influence the decision between platter, SSD or these hybrids and would appreciate some guidance.
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