riakkit, a python riak object mapper, has hit beta!

Shuhao Wu admin at thekks.net
Thu Mar 1 19:35:50 EST 2012

Hey guys,

I started writing riakkit approximately 3 months ago and announced it here.
In case you missed that, Riakkit is basically an object mapper for python
and riak, which seemed to be lacking in at the time. Now that 3 months has
passed and I have developed this project into much more than what I had
envisioned to begin with. It's currently also being used and tested in a
project of mine (web application) as well and functioning quite nicely. I
would say that currently this is the only object mapper that can compete
with their counterparts in other languages for Riak in Python, although a
lot of work still needs to be done before it could fully compete.

So today I felt that riakkit is "stable" and "clean" enough to deserve the
first beta release. So I whipped up a website and it's released to pypi.
Here's (again), a demo (the full tutorial can be found on the links below)

class User(Document):
    client = riak.RiakClient()
    bucket_name = "users"

    name = StringProperty(required=True)

>>> user = User(name="foo")
>>> user.save()
>>> print user.name

If anyone is interested, you can find the website here:
http://ultimatebuster.github.com/riakkit and the code at


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