Riak Recap for February 27 - March 1

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Fri Mar 2 15:51:21 EST 2012

Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

Great Recap for today.

Enjoy,  have a great weekend, and thanks for being a part of Riak.


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Riak Recap for February 27 - March 1

1) Basho put out a press release about Bump running on Riak.

* Read here ---> http://basho.com/news/riak_strategic_for_bump/

2) Bump picked up some additional Riak-related press from some big sites.

* Write up on GigaOM --->
* Piece in Silicon Alley --->

3) More good news from the Community: Yammer closed $85MM in funding.
Congrats to Coda Hale, Ryan Kennedy, and the rest of the awesome team
at Yammer!

* Read here --->

4) Jim Downey wrote two great blog posts over the last week that are
worth your time.

* Exploring NoSQL and CAP with Riak --->
* Eventual Consistency: How Eventual? How Consistent? --->

5) Jim's "Eventual Consistency" post was inspired by a talk Peter
Bailis gave at BashoChats last week in San Francisco. We just posted
Peter's talk on the Basho blog, and it's well worth your 45 minutes.

* Watch here --->

6) Liam Kaufman put together a blog post about Riak and Node.js.

* Read here --->

7) So more Riak love at Erlang Factory to pass along: Jesse Newland is
giving a talk called "Rewriting GitHub Pages with Riak Core, Riak KV,
and Webmachine."

* Details here --->

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