Is Riak the right software for me?

Philip flips01 at
Sun Mar 4 05:40:03 EST 2012

I am looking for a software to host millions of files in the order of
2-20MB for web serving. A few (~5%) files are "hot" and accessed
heavily but most of the files are cold. The system is going to work
like a big cache and therefore I need to make sure that the cluster
won't go out of space while new files are beeing added. I'd like to
store the last time a file was accessed and delete the least accessed
files to make sure there is always 20-30% free space in the cluster.
This system is currently spread across alot of different standalone
servers and serves a few gbit of bandwidth.

Is this possible with riak? Is there anything I should take into consideration?

I did a little testing with a 4 node cluster. Basically with the
default configuration, I've only changed the ip addresses and disabled
nagle buffering for http. When I want to access a 20MB file through
the REST API it sometimes takes 4-8 seconds until any data is beeing
sent to the client. I've made use of the "r" parameter (r=1) and the
wait time improved a little bit but is still unacceptable for
production use. Is there some config option I am missing here to get
the requested file without such high wait times?

Best Regards

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