Is Riak the right software for me?

Philip flips01 at
Sun Mar 4 12:00:40 EST 2012

A memory based caching layer will be added to the frontends so the hot
files won't really be a problem. I just mentioned it because the
memory layer might fail and result in increased use of the data

However, I am still not sure if it is possible to use MapReduce to get
a ordered list of the last accessed objects within a bucket. And the
vclock consistency check shouldn't be performed for certain requests.
I don't update any items and if so it wouldn't be a problem if an
outdated version would be served for a short period of time. It simply
consumes too much ressources if you are dealing with larger objects.

Am 4. März 2012 17:08 schrieb Paul Armstrong <psa at>:
> On 04/03/2012, at 2:40, Philip <flips01 at> wrote:
>> I am looking for a software to host millions of files in the order of
>> 2-20MB for web serving. A few (~5%) files are "hot" and accessed
>> heavily but most of the files are cold. The system is going to work
>> like a big cache and therefore I need to make sure that the cluster
>> won't go out of space while new files are beeing added. I'd like to
>> store the last time a file was accessed and delete the least accessed
>> files to make sure there is always 20-30% free space in the cluster.
>> This system is currently spread across alot of different standalone
>> servers and serves a few gbit of bandwidth.
> Couchbase is probably a better solution for your needs (let it eject things based on LRU). Another option is to have memcache in front of Riak so your hot objects are fast and kicked by LRU and you have a large, replicable store behind it.

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