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Bogunov bogunov at
Sun Mar 4 14:15:59 EST 2012

Was doing some benchmarks with search and while thinking how to implement
something more-or-less relevant i found this:
So I forked and added riak (though
building java client took too much time, riak-java-client doesn't have
support for search querying and sorlj depends on old libraries).

It is single node test (as other tests use one node too) and i think i
couldn't screw up in too many places because test is quite simple. I have
to filter-out words like `with|of|and|the|a` because riak complained about

So results was like: 30-40 min indexing, 20 seconds querying, indexing
slower than sqlite and a bit faster querying than sqlite, but much slower
than any other search-engine =)

I think basho should really discourage people to use riak-search or
optimize it somehow at least for something like batch-indexing.

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