indices with large number of objects on same key

Telmo Menezes telmo at
Mon Mar 5 04:17:20 EST 2012

Hi everyone,

Sorry if this has been answered before but I'm a newcomer and can't
find out a way to search the archives.

So I have the situation where Riak objects contain a list of keys
referencing other objects. There are cases where objects contain a
very high number of such references. At some point, it becomes
unreasonable to just store this entire list in the object.

Is there some way of dealing with this problem in Riak that I'm missing?

Secondary indicies seem like a possible solution: I could just tag the
referenced objets with the id of the referrer. The problem is that the
documentation is very unclear about what happens when a large number
of values have the same tag. If a query for this tag, is there a
reasonable way to get a high number of results? Any sort of pagination
or streaming?


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