Problems writing objects to an half full bucket

David Smith dizzyd at
Mon Mar 5 23:37:24 EST 2012

Hi Marco,

On Mon, Mar 5, 2012 at 7:51 PM, Marco Monteiro <marco at> wrote:

> I have a riak cluster and I'm seeing a write fail rate of  10% to 30%
> (varies with the nodes). At the moment I am writing about
> 300 new objects per second to the same bucket. If I direct the write to
> a new (empty) bucket the problem goes away and I don't see any failure.

A couple of context establishing questions:

1. What sort of error are you getting when a write fails?
2. What backend are you using? (I'm guessing LevelDB)
3. What do your keys look like? For example, are they date-based (and
thus naturally increasing) or are they UUIDs? :)


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