Riak Recap for March 2 - 4

Mark Phillips mark at basho.com
Tue Mar 6 01:05:31 EST 2012

Evening, Morning, Afternoon to All -

Short Recap for today: new code, videos, and upcoming meetups in
Buffalo and Vancouver.

(Also, I'll be on vacation up through next Tuesday, so if anyone wants
to get ambitious and put together Recaps for later this week, you'll
gain instant mailing list celebrity status.)



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Riak Recap for March 2 - 4

1) Mathias Meyer gave a great talk at the beginning of February all
about Querying Riak at the NoSQL Cologne Group. I foolishly forgot to
pass along the video of the talk.

* Watch here ---> http://www.nosql-cologne.org/videos/#Riak

2) Hector Castro has some new code on GitHub that let's you build a
sandbox to play with multiple Riak nodes via Vagrant.

* Repo here --->  https://github.com/hectcastro/riak-cluster

3) We posted the second video from last month's BashoChats meetup to
the Basho Blog. This talk is from Ted Nyman, lead engineer at Simple,
and is all about building and shipping JVM-based services. (There
isn't much about Riak in this talk, but it's worth the 40 minutes so I
thought I would pass it along.)

* Instant-ish Real Service Architecture --->

4) There's a Riak presentation happening at the WYN Ruby Bridage on
March 20th in Buffalo, NY. This one will be delivered by Basho Hacker
Andrew Thompson.

* Details and RSVP here --->

5) Andy Gross is giving a Riak a talk at the Vancouver Erlang Meetup
on March 14th. We're also going to try and do a drink up after the
meetup. I'll send along details as they come together for this.

* Meetup details here --->

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