Need quick fix for > lineno":466, "message":"SyntaxError: syntax error", "source":"()

Ivaylo Panitchkov ipanitchkov at
Tue Mar 6 11:11:28 EST 2012

Hello guys,

We are in production and noticed ALL of the M/R requests failing right 
after a bulk delete with the following response returned back:

lineno":466,"message":"SyntaxError: syntax error","source":"()

The problem is now persistent even if the delete operation was done 
awhile ago.
I googled to find a solution and realized this is a bug not fixed yet.
We have a cluster of 4 machines with riak (1.0.2 2011-11-17) Debian 
x86_64 installed.
I need a quick fix ASAP if someone could help me out.

Thanks in advance,

Ivaylo Panitchkov
Software developer
Hibernum Creations Inc.

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