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Buri Arslon buriwoy at
Tue Mar 6 12:07:58 EST 2012


I'm very new to NoSQL/KV database systems. Sean's webinar "Schema Design
for Riak" gave me some idea about how to move to
kv database, but I feel I need some more advice/docs to fully grasp this
new concept for me.

I was thinking about developing a blog application using Riak. Which schema
would be most effective for that kind of application (regular blog: content
+ comments):

  bucket_blogs -> blog content;
  bucket_blogs_comments -> comments for the blogs in the bucket_blogs


  bucket_blogs -> JSON("blog": <<blog content>>, "comments": <<comments>>)?

 The second option seems less effective if number of comments grow
significantly. But I'm not sure. Any hints? Ideas?

-- Buriwoy
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