Riak problems on Ubuntu (novice user)

Curtis Taylor yamahabob28 at gmail.com
Tue Mar 6 17:02:14 EST 2012


Ubuntu versions 10.10 and 11.10.

I'm new to Riak, but I have two machines with public IP addresses. I
installed started to install Riak from source but work blocks ports for Git
so I installed via Debian package:
 wget http://downloads.basho.com/riak/riak-1.1.0/riak_1.1.0-1_i386.deb

After installing on both machines I was able to do:
riak start
riak-admin status
riak stop

with no issues. I wanted to cluster these two machines machines together so
I found I need to edit vm.args and app.config. In vm.args I changed
-name riak at
-name riak at (my public IP)

and in app.config I changed under riak_core
{http, [ {"", 8098 } ]},
{http, [ {"", 8098 } ]},

and under riak_kv
{pb_ip,   "" },
{pb_ip,   "" },

I think try
riak start
Riak failed to start within 15 seconds,
see the output of 'riak console' for more information.
If you want to wait longer, set the environment variable
WAIT_FOR_ERLANG to the number of seconds to wait.

I've adjusted WAIT_FOR_ERLANG, but to no avail. Now, an interesting point
is that if I stop riak and change everything back to default, riak will
start successfully but riak-admin tools fail (saying node not running). I
have no idea where I'm going wrong. I'm not completely sure on the riak
cookie but it's the same on both machines. I've experience the same
behavior on 4 machines. Two on a private network, two on public network.

Any help is appreciated.
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