Slow performance on getting via 2i

ivenhov iwan.daniel at
Fri Mar 9 08:34:10 EST 2012

I'm using Riak Java client in 3-node configuration with protocols buf.
I have 3000 keys in a bucket, the other buckets are almost empty
When I grab all the keys in a bucket (discouraged listing)

like this
            Bucket b = _iclient.fetchBucket(BUCKET_NAME).execute();
            Iterator<String> iterator = b.keys().iterator();

I can get them in under 300ms, which is good

But when I do this:
            final Bucket b = _iclient.createBucket(BUCKET_NAME).execute();
            List<String> keys =

It's 10 times slower, it takes about 2700ms.
All entries are tagged with the same index value and I'm getting all 3000
keys, but why is it so much slower? Am I doing something wrong? Is it some
MapReduce going on somewhere that kills the performance?


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