Riak Recap for March 5 - 13

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Riak Recap for March 5 - 13

1) We're doing a Riak talk and Drinkup in Vancouver (in a few hours).

* Details here --->

2) Mathias Meyer and Josh Kalderimis were on The Changelog talking about
Travis CI and Riak.

* Listen here --->

3) The recording of the Riak 1.1 Webinar that we did a few weeks ago is
online and viewable. (This will be posted properly on the blog later this
week but I wanted to make sure the early adopters had early access.)

* Watch here ---> http://vimeo.com/38345486

4) Another reminder about Andrew Thompson's upcoming Riak talk at Buffalo
Ruby Group on March 20th.

* Details here ---> www.meetup.com/Western-New-York-Ruby/events/51549782/

5) Basho, Joyent, Voxer, and Yammer at throwing a huge party on March 29th
(during Erlang Factory). If you're planning to be in/around San Francisco,
you should be here.

* Details here ---> http://info.basho.com/bashobash.html

6) Simon Buckle published the first in a two part series for IBM
developerWorks on Riak. Thanks, Simon!

* Read here --->

7) Rackspace has a great overview of Erlang up on their blog. Riak and
Webmachine both get nice mentions.

* Read here --->

8) I wanted to pass along a congratulations to the Posterous team on
joining Twitter. Julio and Team - Make sure you bring your Riak with you. :)

* Blog post about the acquisition here --->
* Details on Posterous' Riak usage (for those of you who haven't seen it)
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