riak-python-client2, a rewrite of the official client

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>> I'm looked into just modifying and contributing to the existing library, and
>> found several issues with it. Here's my main motivation for a rewrite:
>> ? 1. The current structure riak-python-client is somewhat messy. Everything
>>     depends on each other. Just look at things like RiakLink and
>> RiakIndexEntry.
>>     They're unnecessary and overcomplicates the code. Furthermore, if you look
>>     the transports, it's very much dependent on things like RiakObject, and
>>     RiakObject is pretty much nothing without the transport. It's almost like a
>>     circular dependency. So instead, I redesigned the transports to operate
>>     independently from things like RiakObject. To do this, simply modifying
>>     is not feasible and it will result in an almost complete rewrite anyway due
>>     to the dependencies problems I described.
>>  2. There's a lot of "bloat" in the current riak-python-client. A simple
>>     example would be get_ and set_, as well as things like RiakLink and
>>     RiakIndexEntry. To get rid of those would pretty much require a rewrite as
>>     well.
>>  3. Basho currently do not have a dedicated python developer working on this.
>>     I don't know this for sure but I think their resources, in terms
>> of clients,
>>     go mainly to java, ruby and javascript, though that's just my observations.
>> My primary goal of having a rewrite is hopefully simplify the code base as well
>> as improve some aspects of the python client (such as not using deprecated
>> functions such as apply) and (hopefully) increase the speed of the client.
>> After examining the code (which I had to do while rewriting), I don't think
>> simply modifying the current codebase could fix its issues (there are more
>> issues then what I've stated), and I don't think it will take as long as people
>> think. The current code base has about 4k lines of python and 0.5k lines of
>> Erlang. In my client, a chunk of the code actually comes from the original
>> client as they work with a few adaptations.
>> As far as road map goes, I'm currently just rewriting all the functionalities
>> provided by the current python client, and here's a list of things that Sean
>> would like to see accomplished, which I will work on once I have all the
>> functionalities of the current client complete:
>>    https://gist.github.com/1959278
>> I hope I've answered all the questions. If there is any more questions/comments,
>> feel free to shoot it my way.
>> Shuhao
> I agree that the Python client does need some work to clean it up,
> and make it more idiomatic Python, but I'm not sure that a total rewrite
> is necessary.
> Most of the abstractions are good, but they just need a bit of cleanup.
> I think there is always a tendency to assume things are unnecessarily messy,
> but once you get to rewriting it you end up running into the pain points that
> drove those design decisions.
> If there is interest, we could just formulate a roadmap for the a set of breaking
> changes to the existing client, and release it as a new version of the same project.
> Things I would like to see:
>  * Cleanup the transport interface
>  * RiakObject needs to be simplified
>  * Support a RiakJSONObject subclass which has the encoding logic that is inside RiakObject now
>  * Indexes need to be cleaned up
>  * MapReduce interfaces feel a bit dirty
>  * Much improved exception hierarchy
>  * RiakClient / RiakBucket interface needs to cleaned up

Right. Evolution of a client that everybody uses.

It isn't like Basho is refusing to accept pull requests from the
community. If they were a total black hole, then there may be an
argument for forking the project and evolving it. But that would at
least be from a fork. I don't see a valid argument for

Yet that isn't the case. Basho's responsiveness on the Python client
might not be "awesome", but they *are* willing to engage. I met up
with them last fall, have exchanged numerous emails with them, and
even had a conference call about the Python client. Not to mention all
the discussion and the pull requests that I provided, which got
merged. They *are* working with the community.

In my experience, communities exist to develop/maintain/focus on a
code base. Multiple/competing codebases end up fracturing the
community. That rarely leads to a long-term, sustainable, healthy


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