Ruby eventmachine async client

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Fri Mar 16 15:55:14 EDT 2012

Elias Levy wrote
> If you look at the list archive's you'll see that a while ago I posted
> some
> code to monkey patch the Ruby client to use EM Synchrony's TCPSocket so as
> to support EM.
> You'll find it at

Ah, I had read that before but didn't notice it was on synchrony. My issue
is that I've had trouble with riak-ruby-client using PBC with 2i, so I sort
of wrote it off (see: )

That combined with the short reads issue sort of put me off on that front.

Mathias Meyer wrote
> I'd recommend looking at #2, it looks like an easy path and should make
> for a great addition to the riak-ruby-client too. In my ideal world,
> there'd be a backend based on Faraday [2], so that the Ruby client
> wouldn't even have to worry about the underlying implementation, but you
> need to punch Sean Cribbs (very nicely) about that. Or you could just use
> Faraday instead of em-synchrony all along, since Faraday has a backend for
> em-http/synchrony already.

That would certainly be nice though I'm unfortunately too low on time to
take a stab... and I've only looked at Faraday a bit... and synchrony is
kind of hurting my mind (actually more comfortable with callbacks and -gasp-
curly braces!) Sounds like the best solution, though, and hopefully I can
circle back on that once I can delegate some of my other tasks to someone.
For now, i will try out a fiber/iterator approach and fall back to a defer
if it doesn't go well.

I'm also secretly hoping that someone at basho can hook up the client to an
em-style backend so it just works like -cough- mongo does.

Thanks for the help guys!

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