Riak Recap for March 14 - 15

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Afternoon, Evening, Morning to All -

This Recap is coming to you live from Clojure/West in San Jose. If you're
here and haven't told me yet, get in touch.

For today's: new meetups, new code, drinkups in New York City, some jobs,
and more.

Enjoy and have a great weekend.


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Riak Recap for March 14 -  15

1) We announced a new Riak Meetup in Leeds! The first installment will
happen on April 18th and will feature Basho Hacker (and Leeds-local)
Russell Brown and Brightbox Developer John Leach (though it's unclear if
he'll be bringing his dog).

* Details and RSVP here --->

2) Something for all our coffee fans out there: @voluntas tweeted a picture
of what looks like a latte with the Basho logo stenciled on top. (This is
awesome, by the way!)

* Picture here --->

3) The team at Thoughtworks released their latest Technology Radar report.
Riak was highlighted in a few spots.

* Details here ---> http://www.thoughtworks.com/radar
* Direct PDF here --->

4) David Dawson and Marcus Kern gave a presentation at QCon London last
week called NoSQL for the Masses. They talk a lot about Riak. :)

* Presentation PDF here --->

5) For those of you who are in/around New York City, Basho and Etsy are
putting on Drinkup at reBar in Brooklyn on March 20. Come out and have a
drink on us.

* Details here --->

# Jobs

1) The team at Voxer is hiring for some exciting positions (and in case you
hadn't heard, they have one of the biggest Riak clusters around).

* Voxer Jobs here ---> http://voxer.theresumator.com/

2) Brenden Grace made it known on Twitter that he's hiring remote hackers
to work with Riak and a few other cool pieces of tech.

* More details here --->
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